…the art of having ideas and transforming them into working solutions…

…the feeling for the technically correct

I have had this ability since my youth. I feel the big picture of technical problem solutions intuitively and instantly – sometimes years earlier than the team. 

This is not meant arrogantly, but I can see new ways and beyond the technology horizon. This is a fascinating ability that inspires me and carries my customers away.

…simple and very effective

In the management team we work out in a short time where we want to, have to and can go. We create guidelines for the solution corridor.

In the implementation team we implement the solutions completely, if required. There is no concept we would not measure up to.

…some nice references

A leading Austrian industrialist said he appreciated my „crocodile style approach“: Find the right direction quickly and soundly – and then „snap“ (he meant implement).

The head of a German steel mill remarked appreciatively that he knew of no one who would get so dirty to show that the new technology worked very well.

The CFO of a multinational industrial conglomerate had complimented me on the fact that he had never saved so much money with such a simple measure – and that simply no one had seen it before.